Ehsaas Program Interest Free Loan in Pakistan 2021-22

Ehsaas Program Interest Free Loan in Pakistan
                          Do you want to get an interest free loan for small business?

What is Ehsaas Interest Free Loan Program ?

The Government of Pakistan is stepping towards the success of every common individual who is waiting for the finance to start a business. Now, under the vision of PM Pakistan, the Special Assistant to the Prime Minister Dr. Sania Nishtar has announced the Ehsaas loan program in Pakistan to financially support all the deserving and poor people to start small businesses.

Interest Free Loan For Employment:

In this program, the interest free loans are provided to all the poor people of society, skilled youth, women, disabled persons and eunuchs (shemales) after their eligilbity in Zakat and Ehsaas are verified through Ehsaas survey. The main purpose of providing Ehsas loan is to eliminate the poverty and produce employment opportunities.

The total of 80,000 interest-free-loans are proving to the deserving candidates through the more than 1110 number of Ehsaas Registration Centers under the cooperation of PPAF. The Akhuwat program loan is also included in this loan scheme.

How To Avail Interest Free Loan:

The implementation of interest free loan program is available in urban and rural areas with PPAF partners and for that reason total of 1110 registrations desks are established. You can verified all the information which is available on Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund PPAF official website.

Application Procedure Through Ehsaas Loan Centers:

  • Application for loan is written or oral
  • Confirmation of poverty classification
  • Issuance of Business Plan form and Application Form
  • Submission of complete documents by the applicant

Preparation of Business Plan:

  • Basic information about starting a business
  • Reason for doing business
  • Production and sales targets
  • Marketing strategy
  • Estimates of costs for the proposed business
  • Financial resources
  • Profit estimate

How To Assess Applicant’s Loan:

  • Social assessment
  • Economic assessment

Process of Loan Approval:

  • Assessment of Loan Application through Registration Desk
  • Recommendations from Registration Centres
  • Submitting recommendations to the headquarters of partner companies

Issuance of Loan For Applicant:

  • Approval of the application
  • Order check with lender’s name and computerized national identity card number written on it or issuance of PIN number which is used for electronic delivery
  • Issuance of check via Ehsaas loan centres

How To Avail Interest Free Loan

Ehsaas Loan Program 2021-22 Eligilbity Criteria

  • Age Limit: 18 to 60 years
  • Score 0 to 40 on the poverty rating of the borrower’s household
  • National Identity Card CNIC Holder
  • Residing in the selected Union Council
  • Practical business plan


Contact Number:   051-111-000-102

Apply For Ehsaas Loan:   Click Here

Check Your Nearby Ehsaas Loan Center:   Click Here

Ehsaas Loan Program Video Tutorial In Urdu

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