Ehsaas Targeted Subsidy Program 2023

The second meeting of the steering committee of Ehsaas Targeted Subsidy Program 2023 was held today. The committee approved the design of the Ehsaas Karyana Store Subsidy program. The objective of the subsidy program is to provide food items to deserving families at discount prices. The Prime Minister will announce the ratio of discounts in the coming week.

The steering committee of Ehsaas targeted commodity subsidies met to approve the program design. Dr. Sania Nishtar chaired the meeting. This was the second meeting of the steering committee since its constitution by the Prime Minister in July 2021. “Coming under the Ehsaas umbrella, the national scale targeted subsidies program will identify beneficiaries through the Ehsaas national socioeconomic survey registry in 2021.

All the necessary spadework, digital structuring, and integrations are complete for the roll-out of the program”, said Dr. Sania. “The number of people to be supported and the exact details of the amount of subsidy will be announced by the PM next week,” she further added. The members of the committee thoroughly reviewed the design contours and roll-out preparations for the upcoming program.

Ehsaas Targeted Subsidy Program 2022

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