How To Registration Quickly For Negahban Program Through Ehsaas BISP 2024

How To Registration Quickly For Negahban Program Through Ehsaas BISP 2024

The Punjab Government is fully prepared to provide full support to all the poor and deserving individuals and families who are suffering from their financial conditions. You can quickly find out the exact way, which can lead you to the original success. Do you know the Punjab Negahban program is available to everyone? Yes, you are exactly right at this time because the government wants to provide financial support in the way of providing free rashan, which means bags of Atta (Flour).

The current decision has been taken by our new Chief Minister of Punjab, Maryam Nawaz Shareef, who wishes and has the aim of providing full rashan facility through the Negahban program 2024. The Negahban program is currently announced, but most people type the query of finding the exact way that can lead to success.

The government of Punjab has fixed the eligibility criteria that are necessary to fulfil for everyone, simply who wishes.If you are the right candidate, then it means you must know about the correct method of registration. If you are already connected with the Ehsaas program or BISP Kafalat programme, then it is easy to understand.


Ehsaas and BISP Registration For Negahban Program 2024 Quickly

You can quickly registered yourself for the Negahban Maryam Nawaz Program which is basically associated with her. The main credit goes to our new CM Punjab, Maryam Nawaz Shareef, wife of Muhammad Safdar Awan. Now, everyone is finding a way to register themselves and their families as early as possible.

You can simply register with the PMT score up to 32 otherwise, your credibility with a high poverty score makes you unsuccessful. So, there is a first and foremost step is to make sure about your eligibility, which can be confirmed through the PMT score level.

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If you are already a part of Ehsaas or BISP porogram then you can easily enrol your family; otherwise, you need to visit your nearest khidmat centre, where you can get each and everything about the BISP program.

Ehsaas and BISP Registration For Negahban Program 2024 Quickly

Eligibility Criteria:

You can enrol your family in Negahban program by simply knowing the correct criteria, which is given below;

  • All Pakistani nationals (No Foreign Nationailty)
  • CNIC of Punjab (Must be Valid)
  • Don’t have any proper source of Income
  • Total Monthly Income is less than Rs. 60,000
  • Don’t possess any Car or four tires vehicle

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  • Ehsaas and BISP beneficiaries are given priority
  • Your children must be studying in Government Schools
  • Overall Poverty PMT score must be below from 32 points
  • Don’t have any history of travelling abroad

How To Apply:

If you want to avail the opportunity to get free Atta offer through Punjab Negahban Program 2024 then you need to follow the below mentioned steps to complete your registration as soon as possible;

  • You can search the website of Utility Store to know about your current PMT score, which must be below of 32 points, which means you have achieved one initial step
  • If you have a mobile number that must be registered on your own name, you can use it to type your 13-digit CNIC number before typing ATTA and send this SMS to 8070.
  • You are informed that the Negahban Program is associated with the 8070 helpline number, which can be used to track or complete registration setup

When, you have created your registration task then now the turn start to receive the free three bags of Atta through Negahban Ramadan Program which remains at the end Roza of Ramzan 2024.

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