Roshan Gharana 8800 SMS For Quickly Register Yourself

Roshan Gharana 8800 SMS For Quickly Register Yourself

The Roshan Gharana Scheme is the best hope for the poor and underprivileged societies in Pakistan, in which the government is offering free solar panels to eligible individuals. Providing the convenience of modern technology, the government scheme introduces the 8800 SMS code, streamlining the application process. You can find here a comprehensive guide on the proper use of “8800 SMS” helpline for the Roshan Gharana Scheme.


Importance of 8800 SMS in the Roshan Gharana Scheme:

Before explaining the importance of the 8800 SMS code, let’s discuss the features of the Roshan Gharana Scheme:

  • The scheme extends free solar panels to individuals consuming less than 100 units of electricity and also getting benefits from the BISP (Benazir Income Support Program).

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  • Eligibility depends on a PMT (Proxy Means Test) score of less than 32, ensuring assistance reaches those most deserving.
  • Financial status is also an important part for the eligibility criteria, ensuring an equitable distribution of resources.

Solar Panel Confirmation Criteria Online:

To continue on the journey of applying for the Roshan Gharana Scheme through the 8800 SMS code, follow these straightforward steps:

Check Eligibility Confirm that your electricity bill falls below 100 units and that you are a BISP beneficiary
Verify PMT Score Ensure your PMT score aligns with the stipulated criterion of less than 2
Send SMS to 8800 Open the messaging app on your mobile device, compose a message containing your original CNIC card number, and send it to 8800 from your registered SIM
Await Confirmation After dispatching the SMS, exercise patience as your application undergoes processing. Expect a confirmation message to land in your inbox within three to four days
Provide Necessary Information Ensure the message dispatched to 8800 includes your original ID card number and originates from your registered SIM for seamless processing

Valid Eligibility Criteria:

Are you unsure if you are eligible for the Roshan Gharana Scheme? To give you a brief explanation:

  • Individuals with an electricity bill not exceeding 100 units.
  • Beneficiaries of the BISP.
  • Those who claim to have a PMT score below 25.

Check Online PMT Score:

Want to know what your PMT score is? Retrieve it by reaching out to your nearest BISP office or by visiting the official website.

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8171-SMS Criteria:

After sending the SMS to 8800, pay attention to your inbox. Within three to four days, a confirmation message indicating that the registration was successful should arrive.


The Pakistani government’s Roshan Gharana Scheme is the first to offer free solar panels to worthy citizens. By utilising the ease of use of the 8800 SMS code, qualified individuals may quickly apply for this revolutionary program, helping to create a more positive and sustainable future for both themselves and their communities.

8800 SMS in the Roshan Gharana Scheme

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